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Cat Symbol
Cat is a symbol for spiritual power, freedom, love of liberty and bad luck in Japan. On the contrary the black cat is linked to evil cunning in the Celtic world and with harmful djins in Islamic world.

A cat is an independent, recovers quickly and has freedom of thought. The cat is famed for agility for having nine lives. It has appeared in folklores as a symbol of good and bad luck and has been revered as sacred animal, god and at times despised as an agent of evil. In Ancient Egypt it represents a powerful animal totem and a feminine principle where it stands for fertility, motherhood is also associated with the Moon. In the Book of the Dead it is a defeater of the evil Apep but many Egyptian deities were depicted as cats and therefore exporting the animal was forbidden and its killing was punishable by death.

In Thailand, the 'Siamese' cat was the sacred temple cat and with its keen senses of sight, smell, hearing and touch, the cat is a hunting animal that is why it was accepted by man as a symbol of beauty and grace and even as a protector of the household where it gets rid of the popular disease carrying rodents. In Europe, the cat is honored as an exalted soul and at other times it is associated with witches and the occult (especially the black cat).  It is therefore seen as a symbol of superstition and bad luck. For sailors it was a symbol of good luck. The British on the other hand during the World Wars used the cat because it is highly sensitive to radar system, it could detect poisonous gas before humans could.


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