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Horse Symbol
The horse is a symbol for velocity, vitality and beauty and it represent power like that of the wind, storm, fire and waves.

People often revered the horse for its strength, speed and stamina. In addition to these qualities, it is reared because of its beauty and grace that is why it is considered an important animal totem in many cultures. Others associate the horse with power and wealth thus it is always associated with Kings, upper classes, emperors, the Nobility and aristocracy.

Horse in ancient Greece was given not only wings but immortality because it is able to recognize its owner and appears to return their love for it. It has then been a symbol of mutual respect. Symbol of friendship comes from its ability to love running wild, trustworthiness, stamina and power. The qualities express the victory over hardship or oppression and in Europe it is a religious symbol for the warrior. In addition, the famous White Horse of Uffington was the tribal symbol of local chieftains. Its color was also of great significance during those times because it was the emblem of peace. The war horse on the other hand was red while a black horse was the symbol of mourning.

In Chinese mythology, the Horse was related to the Dragon since it took its place in the folktales but still it was an emblem of power and virtue. All in all a horse remains the symbol of the free spirit and its intuitive intelligence.


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