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Dolphin Symbol
The dolphin is a symbol for salvation, transformation and love.

Dolphin symbol is popular and can be traced back to a long standing understanding between man and Dolphin. The animal carries a divine spark that is different from those of other animals and that is why the early man was fascinated by it intelligence and their ability to herd schools of fish in order to make easy prey.

To the ancient Greeks and Romans sailors, dolphins were a symbol of divine protection and guidance because they aided the sailors by surfing the bow wave of ships at sea. They were seen to be messengers for the gods and were therefore associated with the Nereids, Poseidon's daughters, the heroine Galatea, the goddess of love Aphrodite and the music-loving sun god (Apollo). While in Sumeria, they were connected to the goddess Isis in Egypt, Ea-Oannes and to the deity of the sea.

The Celts associated it with the healing power of water and some Australian tribes claim to be direct descendants of dolphins who they regarded as guardian spirits. They tend to think that dolphins sometimes represent bad lucky because they may tempt unknowing men and women into the water where they would be taken to Encante which is an underwater world of no return. In European heraldry it is an important symbol and often features on Heraldic coats-of-arms to represent diligence, salvation, charity and love. Others still believe that dolphins serve as human connection and the underwater world of the sea.


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