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Fox Symbol
The fox is a symbol for intelligence, cunning and slyness. In the medieval period, it appeared as a symbol of the devil but in China and Japan fox is brings wealth.

The fox is a symbol of a cunning predator, intelligent, agile and charming which makes it possible for its small size to hunt. The traits above makes it became a symbol of wildness and diplomacy. The fox entered myth and folklore because some communities say it is a messenger of the gods and communicates between souls of the living and the dead. It is therefore go-between and intermediary. In the contrary throughout the ancient world, the fox was associated with supernatural powers that made the humans to seek for its help in seeking favors from the gods. For the fox deities, it symbolizes power and stealth.

In pre-Christian Europe, the fox was a symbol for the gods of the forest, mountain and vegetation, people made sacrifices to the fox because it also stood for fertility. The folktales brought about the intelligence of the fox but because of its nocturnal adventures it was identified with evil, death, and the night. From some myths in China, the shape-shifter fox which could various colors during winter and summer made it to be associated to dangerous seductress. On the contrary, the Japan reverted fox as a messenger of rice deities (Shinto). They also regarded it as a symbol of transformation. On the contrary, there is a saying that beautiful women are known as 'foxy' because they are lithe, lean and with some danger about them. This is a positive character attributed to human.


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