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Eagle Symbol
The eagle is a symbol for power, action, speed and perception, it has powers of intuition, creativity and can balance power with grace all these because the eagle has sharp vision which gives it the ability to see hidden truths and spiritual principles. Around the world, the eagle has been adopted as an emblem.

As an ancient symbol the eagle is associated to solar and the Greeks regarded it as the sacred emblem of Zeus and as the highest god by the Druids. For those fighting for freedom, the Eagle's ability to fly high to the tops of mountains and silently into valleys, makes it associated to a free spirit. In myth and legend, the Eagle represents the Sun God who symbolizes light and power fire and water as its elements. It is also a symbol of spiritual power and courage because it does not fear thunder and lightning.

When the eagle symbol is shown in imagery with the snake, it stands for conflict. Often perceived as supreme in the air just like lion is lord of the land, it has widely been used as a symbol of leadership, emperors and warriors. It represents all that is majestic and noble because of its alertness, epitome of speed, power and light. In Norse legend, the bird is associated with the god, Odin because of its wisdom and light. The Greeks and Persians on the other hand consecrated the Eagle to the Sun while the Mexicans saw the eagle symbol as the god of vegetation. The Native American culture represented the eagle with the thunderbird and believed that its feathers are believed to carry prayers to the sun.


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