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Shark Symbol
The shark is symbol meaning terror and violence, in the West, it is the world's greatest predator, and therefore symbolizes power and fearlessness.

Sailors have had a long tradition of putting shark tattoo symbol to prove that they are not afraid of death at sea and also for protection by the shark. But they believed if a shark followed ones ship, then one of them was about to die. As a sacred animal, its power and strength were respected but not feared. It was a totem in first Nations in North America and it represented a hunter because it had the ability to adapt and survive various environments.

In Australia, the shark is respected and is considered a sacred symbol of the connection between the sea and land. The shark hunters recognize when a shark was ready for catching and believed there were variety of sharks for the nourishment of man. As a sacred animal in Polynesian, the shark tattoo symbol protected them from the enemies. In Hawaii, there is a protective power of the aumakua, which is a row of tattooed dots found on the ankle. The dots were supposed to keep sharks at bay during the time of fishing and that is why they developed a myth about a woman swimming in the ocean and when attacked by a shark, the shark saw the tattoo symbol it let go the woman.  However, when humans look at shark even in drawings, it tends to be a sleek beautiful creature but we cannot deny the fact that its one of the most feared and respected creatures on earth.


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